Ellustria Ltd enriches your drinking experience through unique, high-quality, story-telling brands, operating from a Central London head office in SW1. We are the home of Snow Queen Vodka, Romanov Vodka, Belka and Strelka Vodka and Il Dottore Gin. Each of these premium products has a unique story to tell, inspired by history, science and folklore and bottled in Southern France. With a penchant for brilliant craftsmanship and excellent service, Ellustria are careful to handpick suppliers across the globe who truly reflect the Ellustria brand ethos.

We have recently launched a popular networking series for women in the luxury industry and will be hosting monthly events in luxury venues in Mayfair and Chelsea. The events offer attendees the opportunity to partake in an Ellustria Luxury Cocktail Masterclass With Networking and to meet like-minded women in a relaxed, after work environment. To register your interest, please email victoria@ellustria.com.




Snow Queen Organic is an award-winning vodka, inspired by elegance, ice and individuality. It is made from organic wheat farmed in the European Union and crystal clear water from snow-crowned peaks. The vodka undergoes a number of distillations, in a secret location, where our distillers and their family have been perfecting the art of distillation for many generations.



This triple distilled, wheat vodka is made in Kazakhstan and silver filtered for the purest taste. It is made with the same heroic spirit as the brave space dogs Belka and Strelka and is a tribute to their legendary flight between the stars. On August 19, 1960, the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 5 into space. On board were Belka and Strelka, the first animals to enter space and return to Earth safely.



Unlike the super premium, Snow Queen Enigma Edition is a flavoured vodka. It is flavoured with luxurious florals of lavender, rose and vanilla. These mythical florals were carefully chosen for their delicate balance between each other and the extra softened vodka. By adding the florals in precise amounts makes the final taste very special and unique - perfect served on ice.



Romanov is a light, wheat vodka and traditionally made with eau de vie de Cognac mixed at a 99 to 1 ratio. This allows the base of the spirit drink to remain as vodka while the eau de vie flavours it with rich fruity and oak flavours. We recommend to consume this spirit as either an aperitif or as a digestif or it can add a very novel twist to your favourite cocktail.




Churchill Hyatt

The Dorchester

Drake & Morgan

Dukes Hotel

Eight Members’ Club



The Halkin Bar

Mandarin Oriental

Morton’s Club

Scarfes Bar

The Ritz

Also: Bocca Social | Mandrake | One Aldwych | Polo Bar at The Westbury | Robuchon | Stafford Hotel | Sushi Samba | The Gore


February Cocktail Recipe

Snow Queen’s ‘La Sagesse’ - Perfect Party Addition

40ml Snow Queen Vodka

25ml Chinato

Lemongrass, Goji Berry soda top, Grapefruit zest garnish

Orange sherbet coated on one side

Ice block (tall)